Lilly Grace is ONE!


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Our Lilly Grace is officially ONE! This year has gone by so fast. Watching her and Liam bond has certainly been my favorite thing in 2019. Liam just ADORES her. He is already so protective of his little sis. He doesn’t even let us joke around when she is getting into mischief. If I say “ Lilly Grace I am going to spank your butt .“ He gets so upset. Lord help the first boy this girl brings home! Daddy and brother are going to be waiting at the front door LOL!

We did Lilly’s Cake Smash photos last Friday the 10th! That was her actual birthday so I thought it would be fun! HA jokes on mama! Lilly wasn’t a big fan of my nanny’s coconut cake unfortunately. I thought she would love it, but apparently coconut is not her thing. It made for some GREAT photos though of Liam trying to help her with eating the cake! Those photos will definitely put a smile on your face!

Lilly is just the sweetest little thing. She is so loving and darling in everyway. She is waving, clapping, and almost taking some big girl steps. Nobody can get her to laugh like her daddy and her brother. It is so fun to watch them together. She loves the Beach Boys ( Thanks to Grandma teaching her all their hits! ) That was actually the first time she clapped for us was when we were playing “ Good Vibrations “ for her.

I decided to recap her last year milestone pictures I did for each month at the very bottom of the post. I know she is glad those are over! Once she could crawl those were no longer easy to take ha ha!

Thank you to Cindy Winn (my Mother in Law ) for making the gorgeousss romper Lilly is wearing for these photos. It was just adorable! She has a shop on Etsy called Lilygracedesign2! Definitely check her out!

Click HERE to see Cindy’s Etsy page!

Thank you to Helen Henderson (my Nanny ) who is 94 years old for making the little coconut cake! It was precious!

Thank you to Nardeen Henderson ( my mom) for helping me with the shoot. Hunter was at drill weekend, and mom came and helped me with everything. That smile you see in that first photo was Lilly looking at her Grandma singing the Beach Boys!

And thank you to Leigh Ann Workman whose studio we used for the photos. Her and her friend, La Dawn, have a studio called The Studio at City Center. It was the perfect place to do these at, and Leigh Ann was such a HUGE help with the set up!

Hope you all enjoy the photos of our baby girl!

- ryann


  1. Ashley Snead says:

    What I’ve learned the most is the days are LONG but the years are SHORT, and TIME IS A THIEF.

    You have the sweetest momma Lilly!!!

  2. Lauren Hall says:

    Follow your Dreams BabyGirl. Don’t you ever give up!

  3. Emma says:

    You asked people to share one of the most important things they’ve learned in their life:

    Seek Jesus above all, and draw your people closer. Pray with them, share the desires of your heart with your friends even when they sounds crazy. Don’t just do it when you’re rejoicing, but do it when you’re questioning, when you’re doubting, when you have those days where you say “I didn’t hear Him right”.
    Cry in front of them. Step out in actual vulnerability and what what happens because I bet it will forge a bond in your friendships that is deeper than you ever knew it could be. Show your broken pieces that He mends back together. It is worth it every time, because every single time, you are putting on display the one who makes you whole.

  4. Krista Boord says:

    Happy birthday, Lilly!
    I want you to know one thing I’ve learned in life and I pray you’ll learn it also. It’s funny to say that I’ve "learned" it because it’s really something that I have to revisit time and time again, but it’s the greatest lesson of all. Just as there are going to be many times of joy and many blessings, there will also be times of sadness and difficulty. God has taught me during an especially difficult road that I am complete in Jesus Christ. That means even if I don’t have the life I dreamed of; don’t have the family I thought I’d have; don’t have the home I thought I’d own or the job I wanted, that Jesus is ALL I need. He IS the Greatest Treasure and with having him as my Savior I can always rejoice and find contentment. Dear Lilly, I hope that you will put your faith in Christ Jesus and that you will learn just how high, how deep, and how wide God’s love is for you.

  5. Emily Borum says:

    Her monthly pictures are beyond beautiful! I have enjoyed looking at them every month. Happy Birthday! And Lilly, enjoy all the little moments in life..after having my son, I realized these go by way to quickly and matter the most.

  6. Gramma says:

    The most important thing I’ve learned in life is to trust in the Lord with all your heart. He is always by your side to help you. My favorite verse (besides John 3:15 of course) is Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.” I love you Lilly Grace.

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