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One thing I really want to do on our blog is share little inspirational moments! I know that when things happen it is not just by chance, and my moment just may encourage someone who needs it. So here is my first Faith Corner Blog. Something that has been on my heart to do for awhile now , and I am so excited to share.

Being a full time business owner and a mom does not allow a lot of “me time” or “free time”. I adore both of these rolls, but my cup gets empty at times. One thing that happens to me is I find myself running full speed ahead, trying to make sure I am on the up and up of every possible new thing for our business.

Last week just happened to be one of those full speed ahead weeks. I remember coming to a place, and just feeling quite spent. So many things kept trying to get my attention, and I only wanted to focus on the things that mattered. My spirit was immediately reminded of “Seek first the kingdom of God “ scripture. We are all running at such a fast pace that we can’t afford to not stop and be filled back up. We need to spend more time reading the Bible, spend time in prayer, and listening to worship ( we LOVE Elevation in this house). It is soooo important to have our cup filled up so that we can pour out into others around us.

One day last week I really wanted to stay in bed since the kids were still sleeping. I had planned to spend some quiet time with God before my house woke up. Anyone who has a four year son who thinks he is Spider-man knows that quiet time is nonexistent when he wakes up, ha ha!!! I remember laying back down and feeling like God was speaking to my heart. When we come to Him it doesn’t have to be for an hour…or 20 min… or even 5 min… it is just choosing to take anytime to go before Him and be filled my friends.

I read my devotional, and took time praying for my day. I listened to worship, and read His word out loud. I felt so refreshed before the hustle of the day began. I chose to give God the first of my day.

God is so faithful. The things that I was worrying about completely took care of themselves when I sought His kingdom first, and not trying to fix them myself.

“Seek First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and everything else will be added to you. “

Matthew 6:33

Challenge: I always love a devotional that gives me an action to do after I am done reading it. SO I challenge you to choose tomorrow morning OR even today to choose Him first. Whatever is begging for your attention right now can wait for one minute while you pause. Listen to one of the songs below, and just spend time being refreshed in His presence.

My books I am loving:

Embraced Devotional : Lysa TerKeurst

Who does He say you are? : Colleen C. Mitchell

Worship songs we can’t stop playing:

Elevation- The King is among us

Elevation- Yahweh

Passion – Holy Ground ( Liam sings this with us. ) One of my favorites!

- ryann


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