Ahhhh so we have some very exciting news for our little family! 

We are welcoming a BABY GIRL in January! 

Last night our wonderful friends, Katie and Matt, hosted a Gender Reveal party for us at their home in Windsor. The perfect country setting for Hunter’s plan on how we would do the reveal. With the twins we cut a cake, and with Liam we opened a box with balloons. Hunter said this time we were blowing something up lol. So he ordered Tannerite and Chalk Powder in blue and pink ( AMAZON )  to reveal our new little ones gender. Thank you Haley for answering all my annoying texts on this to get it right ha ha. Haley and Josh had just done this for their twin boys reveal, and were a huge help in helping us get the right stuff, and not mess it up. 

The reveal was a TOTAL SURPRISE to all of us. A few hours prior we went to Fun Fetal photos in Hampton for them to find out for us. Instead of writing it down they called Katie after we left, and let her know it was a GIRL! Ahhhh still can’t believe it! Katie also had big blue and pink balloons ready to blow up for the announcement pictures I wanted to capture once we knew. I brought a pink and blue dress with me, and was ready for either girl or boy pictures when we were done! 

Party started at 6:30 and at about 6:50ish we were ready to find out. I was so nervous. With two twin boys and Liam this momma was hoping for a baby girl. Of course I was team ” healthy baby ” more than anything. You can see my reaction at the very end of the post with the reveal pictures, and a video Hunter put together of everything. 

Also at the end is one of my favorite parts of this post. A little back story of how we picked the name, and a God moment that I have been so excited to share. 

Thank you to all our friends and family who came! 

A million times thank you to Katie, Matt, Grace, Buddy, and Isabell for hosting this for us! 

Thank you to Brooke Waldroup Schmidt of Brooke Waldroup Photography for capturing the WHOLE thing for us! These moments our priceless to our family! 

Thank you to our Heavenly Father for this amazing gift to us!

How the name Lilly Grace came about!

So I always have loved the name Lilly Grace, and knew if we had a daughter one day I wanted that to be her name. Grace I loved first because it was my Grandma’s name, and several others in our family have that name too. The second reason of course was, because of Amazing Grace. The love and GRACE God gives. Well the DAY I found out I was pregnant I walked outside to get in the car, and realized our Lily flowers that had been budding finally had one bloom on them. I was so happy to see the flowers blooming, and our yard having some pretty colors in our flower beds. Then I got the thought of how amazing it would be if this baby was our Lilly Grace, and one day I can tell my daughter that the day I found out I was expecting you God let one Lily bloom.  So these pictures were taken that day in case that little whisper I had in my heart was true, and we were having a baby girl. 

Gender Reveal_1319.jpg


Make sure not to miss the little video at the bottom to see the actual explosion. 

- ryann


  1. Vicki Trexler says:

    Such a wonderful surprise! Congratulations and love. Vicki Trexler

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